Thank you Hubby..

We went out to shop this weekend… My Husband took me to E-Zone (a one stop shop for all electronics)… And said “Pick anything you want for your kitchen” 🙂 … I could not believe it at all… So first picked up the appliance which I really wanted… 🙂 A Philips Food Processor… Then we got a hand Blender, then a Sandwich Maker and last but not the least.. Morphy Richards Oven…

I was shock struck, when he asked the person attending us, to pack all these appliances.. 🙂

I am so excited to use them all… So sharing my joy with all you lovely people..:) With my oven I enter the world of baking… and can’t wait to bake my first cake… Trying to get acquainted with it first..:)


Food Processor

Hand Blender

Thank you Saurabh… 🙂 Love you lots and lots…:)

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