Breakfast by dear Hubby.. !!

Yes you did read it right.. Today my hubby prepared breakfast for me.. 🙂

He is not a cook.. he hardly cooks actually..  Even for a cup of tea he does not get ready.. But today, to my surprise he himself said I will prepare breakfast for you.. and how can I say No to such a tempting offer.. 🙂

So he prepared Egg Bhurji Pav and tea for breakfast..

Egg Bhurji Pav

It was really delicious.. I simply loved it.. 🙂

While eating I got to know a fact as well… He said guys cook only when they are in a mood to cook, and if you force them to cook then you will get some bad tasting stuff or nothing at all… God I just wish, Saurabh has his cooking mood swings more often and not once a year or so.. 🙂

Love you dear hubby.. Thank you for the yummy yummy breakfast.. 🙂

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