Tangy Aloo Rolls

With the same vegetables everyday.. life was getting boring.. I was just not feeling like making the same dishes again yesterday night.. So after a whole lot of googling.. and searching for some recipes.. I settled with Aloo Roll.. It was the best Aloo Roll I have eaten.. Simply loved it..


Preparation Time:- 30 mins |  Cooking Time:– 5 mins per roll |  Serves:- 4-5 Rolls


  • For the Dough:-
    • 1 and 1/2 cup wheat flour (Gehun ka Aata)
    • 1 tea spoon salt
    • Some water to make the dough
  • For the potato filling:-
    • 1 and 1/2 cup of Potatoes boiled and finely chopped
    • 1 and 1/2 tbsp oil
    • 1 tea spoon ginger garlic paste
    • 1/2 tea spoon chilly powder
    • 1 tea spoon garam masala
    • 1 tea spoon chaat masala
    • 1 table spoon fresh coriander leaves finely chopped
    • salt to taste
  • For the Onions Filling:-
    • 1 large Onion finely sliced
    • 1/2 tea spoon chilly powder
    • 1 tea spoon Dry Mango powder (Amchoor)
    • salt to taste
  • For the water mixture:-
    • 3 table spoons of water
    • 2 tea spoons Dry Mango powder (Amchoor)
    • 1/2 tea spoon chilly powder
    • 1/2 tea spoon garam masala
    • 1/2 lemon’s juice
    • salt to taste


Dough Preparation:-

Mix the wheat flour and salt, and make a dough by slowly poring water in it. Make sure that you don’t make it sticky. It should have a consistency of the dough like for chapatis. (You can add some All Purpose flour as well (Maida))

Cover the dough and set aside for 10 minutes.

Potato Filling Preparation:-

Heat the oil in a pan and add the ginger garlic paste and fry for few seconds.

Add the potatoes, garam masala, chaat masala, chilly powder, coriander leaves and salt. Mix properly by mashing the potatoes.

Fry for a few minutes.


Onions Filling Preparation:-

Mix the onions well with all the masalas listed and keep aside.


Masala Water Preparation:-

Add the amchoor, chilly, garam masala powder and salt to the water and mix properly. Add half a lemon juice to it, and mix again.


Roll preparation:-

Take a some dough, almost equal to the dough used for making paranthas.

Using a rolling pin make a round chapati using the dough.

Heat a non stick tawa and spread half tea spoon of oil on it. Now place the chapati on the tawa, and allow it to cook for 1 minute.

Apply half a tea spoon of oil on the other side and spread all over.

When blisters start appearing on the top of the chapati turn it around  and allow the other side to cook properly using a flat spatula.

We need to cook the other side completely.

Once the other side is cooked turn over the chapati and simmer the stove.

Take a spoonful of potato filling and place in a single row in the centre of the chapati. Now sprinkle some onion stuffing over the potato filling and then sprinkle some masala water over this filling.

Now roll the chapati starting from one end and slowly using your fingers roll it towards the other end.

Wrap it in a foil/Kitchen paper on one edge to avoid the filling to fall, and serve hot.

  • Aloo Roll goes well with Tomato Ketchup.
  • Cold Drink is a must to have with a roll.


Stuff it up.. Bhindi

Me and my husband love bhindi (Lady Finger).. I generally cook a bhindi fry but for a change sometimes.. I stuff it up.. Trust me it is delicious.. 🙂

Bharwan Bhindi

Preparation Time:- 20 mins |  Cooking Time:– 20 mins |  Serves:- 2-3 people


  • 250 gms Ladyfinger (Bhindi) washed properly and scrubbed
  • 1 tbsp  Besan (gram flour)
  • 3-4 tbsp  Oil
  • 2 tsp Saunf (fennel seeds)
  • 2 tsp Coriander powder (Dhaniya powder)
  • 1/4 tsp Red Chili powder (lal mirch Powder)
  • ½ tsp Turmeric (Haldi Powder)
  • ½ tsp Amchur (Dry Mango Powder)
  • ½ tsp Garam masala
  • 1 inch piece Ginger (Adrak)
  • A pinch of Hing (asafoetida)
  • ½ tsp Jeera (cumin)
  • To taste – Salt


Cut off the tops and tails of the bhindi and make an incision along the length. (Make sure that the bhindis are dried)

In a saucepan, heat 1 tbsp of oil. Add jeera and hing to this. Once the jeera starts crackling add the gram flour and sauté.

Add the other masalas together in a plate. Add all the mixed masalas to the gram flours and sauté for another minute.

Remove from heat. Once this mixture cools down a bit, stuff the bhindis with this masala.

In another saucepan heat 2 tbsp of oil. Put in the bhindis and turn very gently 3-4 times. Cover and cook over a medium flame for 5 minutes.Turn the Bhindis and cover and cook for another 2-3 minutes.Then take off the lid and cook the Bhindis over a high flame for a while.

  • This goes well with hot chapatis/paranthas and curd or raita.


Tasty Cooking..!!


Crispy Paneer ke Paranthe

This post is a part of the Indian Breads theme at BM#28 hosted by Srivalli. This will my entry for Stuffed Bread.

My husband loves paneer, and he was so very happy to have paneer paranthas for dinner.. Actually we both love paranthas and can have them in any form and any stuffing and any time.. 🙂

Paneer Parantha

Preparation Time:- 10 mins |  Cooking Time:– 5 mins per parantha |  Serves:- 5-6 paranthas


  • 2 cups whole Wheat Flour dough(Gehun ka aata guna hua)
  • 200 gms paneer
  • Salt to taste
  • 1/2 tea spoon Red Chilli Powder (Lal Mirch powder)
  • 1 tea spoon Chaat Masala
  • 1 tea spoon Garam Masala
  • Ghee/oil to fry the parantha (I prefer ghee :))


Grate the paneer. Add the masalas salt, red chilly powder, chaat masala and garam masala to it.

Mix properly. I usually mix the masala’s with hand so that it gets mixed evenly.

Take some dough and after rubbing it with some dry flour, start making a chapati using a rolling pin. Once it becomes the size of a mini chapati, stop and take a big spoonful of the paneer and place it in between.

Press the paneer gently to remove air gaps and start folding the chapati inwards to seal the paneer completely. Once done flaten it a bit by pressing it between the hand palms. (Don’t press too  much since the paneer may come out)

After rubbing with some dry flour, start rolling the parantha evenly.

Heat the tawa (non-stick can be used) and place the parantha on it. (Don’t use any oil yet.)

Once some blisters start appearing on the showing end then turn over the parantha. Now apply some ghee evenly on the showing end.Turn over the parantha, and apply some ghee on this end as well.

Start pressing the parantha using a flat spatula in order to cook properly. Once the parantha starts becoming crispy simmer the stove and dig in the spatula at several places on the parantha. This helps the parantha to get cooked from between also as the ghee seeps in.

Cook properly from both the sides by turning over at regular periods.

  • Serve hot with Green Dhaniya chutney (Coriander Leaves Chutney) or tomato ketchup.
  • Try it at tea time/breakfast with a hot cup of tea and Amul Butter or homemade white butter.
  • Try it for lunch or dinner with curd.


Tasty Cooking..!!

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Aaloo Kulcha

This post is a part of the Stuffed Breads theme at BM#24 hosted by Srivalli.

Last time I had tried Onion stuffed Kulcha, due to the unavailability of resources.. But this time I filled up a nice tangy potato stuffing in my Kulchas.. They came out really well.. My husband was like that they have swollen up like puris… 🙂


Preparation Time:- 1 hr 10 mins |  Cooking Time:– 7 mins per kulcha|  Serves:- 6-7 kulchas


For Dough:

  • 2 cups All Purpose Flour (Maida)
  • 1/2 tea spoon Salt
  • 1 table spoon Yogurt (Dahi)
  • 1/4 tea spoon Soda bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
  • 1 tea spoon Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Milk

For Stuffing:

  • 3 medium Potatoes boiles
  • 1/2 tea spoon Red Chilli Powder (Lal Mirch powder)
  • 1 tea spoon coriander powder (Dhaniya powder)
  • 1/2 table spoon Chaat masala
  • salt to taste
  • 1 tea spoon Garam Masala

For Garnishing:

  • Some Sesame seeds (White Til)
  • Some dried Mint leaves crushed (Sukha Pudina)


Take refined flour in a bowl. Add salt, yogurt, soda bicarbonate, sugar and milk and knead into a soft dough.

Cover with a damp cloth and rest for an hour.

Grate the potatoes and mix in the salt, chaat masala, coriander powder, garam masala and chilly powder, also the green chillies if using.

Mash it properly with hands. The stuffing is ready. Allow it to cool down completely.

Preheat oven to the 250 degrees for 10 mins.

Make pedas of the dough and rest for five minutes.

Roll each dough peda to a small puri, place a portion of the potato stuffing and seal it properly. Roll in into a ball again and allow it to settle for 4-5 mins.

Pat each ball into a round kulcha. Pat gently as the stuffing tend to come out easily. Roll the kulcha to make a small chapati.

Grease the baking tray with oil and place this kulcha on it. Sprinkle some sesame seeds and pudina powder on the surface.

Bake in the pre heated oven for 5-7 mins at 250 degrees. The first batch might take a bit longer.




Tasty Cooking..!!

Maggi Stuffed Bun

This post is a part of the Stuffed Breads theme at BM#24 hosted by Srivalli.

I simply love Maggi.. so does my husband.. I cam across a recipe by Pallavi Maggi Stuffed buns, she also made some for us.. I loved the buns.. So decided to try them myself and well I finally could manage to prepare them.. 

Maggi Stuffed Buns

Preparation Time:- 1 hr |  Cooking Time:– 1 hr |  Serves:- 4 buns


For Bun:

  • 3/4 cup whole wheat flour (Gehun ka ata)
  • 1/2 cup All purpose flour (Maida)
  • 1 Tea spoon Active Dry Yeast
  • 1 and 1/2 tea spoon Salt
  • 1 tea spoon Sugar
  • 1/4 Cup Warm Milk
  • 5 table spoon Warm Water
  • 1/2 tea spoon Refined Oil

For Noodles:

  • 1 packet Instant Noodles (Maggi)
  • 1 table spoon Bhuna masala (You can prepare this at home or use packed Maggi Bhuna Masala, I used the latter)

NOTE: You can add any vegetables to the maggi while preparing, I love it simple so made it that ways.


For the dough:

Pour Half the milk in a smaller bowl, add the yeast and Sugar. Cover and put in a warm place for the time till it becomes frothy.

Put the flours in a bowl add the salt and make a small well in the middle and pour the yeast and mix the flours in it.

Add the remaining milk little by little and form a dough.

Place it on a clean slab, add little water at a time. Knead it well with hands to form a nice soft dough.

Put a little oil on the dough and keep aside in a warm place for at lease an hour. The Dough should have risen atleast twice the amount.

Punch it a few times and keep it aside for some time.

For Noodles:

Boil instant noodles as per instructions on the packet. (Do not add the taste maker yet)

Strain and wash under cold water.

Add oil in a wok, heat it. Add the bhuna masala and cook until it leaves oil.

Add the taste maker to the masala and stir in the noodles.

Once the noodles gets mixed properly, keep aside to cool completely.

For the Buns:

Make 4 equal balls of the dough.  Add a little flour on the slab and flatten the balls a bit.

Put a 1/4 of the mixture in the middle and collect the edges to make a ball.

Seal the edges by dabbing fingers in milk and sealing them off.

Apply oil on the baking try and place the buns on the tray, keep aside to rest for 15-20 min.

Apply little butter on the buns and sprinkle sesame seeds on top.

Bake the buns at 180 degrees for about 40 mins in a pre-heated oven.

Once 15 min have gone by, brush the buns with oil spray/melted butter.

For the last couple of min set the oven to top rod heating so that the top of the bun can become golden brown.

Once out of the oven let them rest for a couple of min before serving.


  • Serve with tomato ketchup at tea time.


Tasty Cooking..!!

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